Cub Scout Pack 287

San Juan Del Rio Switzerland, FL

News and Upcoming Events

Sea World Nov 1-2 - Registration Deadline - Friday Oct 10

Once again Pack 287 is heading to sea, Sea World that is!

Our trip is on Saturday Nov 1 - and includes a pizza dinner, snack, a private tour of the park, and then sleeping in a fantastic exhibit like the Wild Arctic and Beluga Whales! On Sunday, after a  continental breakfast and packing up your stuff, you are escorted back into the park where you can spend the entire day checking out all of the other exhibits, riding rides, and having a ball!


The cost per person is just $100, including admission the next day.  This trip is open to scouts, siblings and families, but no infants or toddlers allowed I am afraid.

Things to Bring

  • Sleeping bag and pillow (depending on venue, SeaWorld will provide sleeping mats). Air mattresses are allowed, but participants are responsible for the inflation and care of the mattress. Some venues may not have access to electrical outlets.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, hand towel, and any other necessary toiletries (there are no shower facilities).
  • Any needed medication
  • Warm pajamas and a complete change of clothes for the next day.
  • Comfortable, closed toed shoes. There is a great deal of walking throughout the program. Some surfaces might be wet, so sandals, flip-flops etc. are not recommended.
  • Umbrella and/or a raincoat
  • Camera (Electronics such as iPads/iPods, handheld games, etc. are not recommended)

Things to Know

  •   Please plan to arrive at the Education Programs Entrance for your sleepover program between 5:30 - 5:45 PM. Your program will start promptly at 6:00 PM. Please keep in mind that if you are late, you will miss part of your program.

  •   All sleepover participants will be entering through the Education Programs Entrance. Enter SeaWorld’s parking lot through the main entrance located on Central Florida Parkway. Enter parking lot “G” by passing through the main toll plaza and taking the first right immediately after the toll plaza. Follow the traffic cones to the back of parking lot "G". Busses are not charged to enter the parking lot through the toll plaza; however individual vehicles (cars, vans, trucks) will be assessed a parking fee. SeaWorld recommends carpooling or otherwise consolidating your transportation to reduce the amount of parking fees. SeaWorld does not provide complimentary parking for sleepover vehicles. Parking fees are non-refundable.

  •   For the safety of our guests and animals, glass bottles, straws, and drink lids are not permitted in the park. In addition, coolers are not permitted. Food items should be carried in disposable containers and may be stored in our air-conditioned storage area. SeaWorld is not responsible for lost/stolen food items or personal belongings.

  •   There are no shower facilities. Participants should pack conservatively, keeping in mind that they are responsible for carrying their belongings. All bags entering the park are subject to search.

  •   Pizza will be served at 7:15 pm and a continental breakfast will be served in the morning. Specialized meals are not available. If you or someone in your group can not or will not eat the food provided during the program, they are encouraged to bring their own dinner/breakfast food items, as an alternative meal choice will not be available for them.

  •   Each assigned sleepover venue accommodates 35 participants. Please notify us of any changes in attendance as soon as possible. Sleepovers require a paid minimum of 20 participants.

  •   Sleepovers are specific to the grade level indicated on the reservation. Students of other levels are not recommended. Infants and toddlers will not be admitted.

More information to follow!

Registration deadline is Friday Oct 10th.

You can register here by going to our web store, by check (let me know and I will arrange to get it from you), or in person with either check or credit card (again let me know).

If you have any question, reach out to me at

I hope to see everyone there!

Mike Tuckman

Pack Meeting

Our next Pack Meeting will be held Friday, October 3rd, 7:00pm in the school cafeteria.  Please arrive by 6:45pm.

Volunteering - We need you!

SJDR School Parents, get your volunteer hours here!  

Cub Scouts isn't like soccer, baseball, or other sports where we sit on the side lines cheering our sons on.  Cub Scouts is Hands On.  You'll be there teaching your son to do all sorts of things.  Your son needs your help, but the pack does too!

The pack is always in need of interested parents (or guardians, grandparents, etc) to help.  The more active adults we have the less falls on any one set of shoulders.  We especially need folks from the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear dens to get involved as the pack will be looking to you as the leaders in coming years.

To start with, we need a volunteer parent to bring snacks for the October meeting!(the pack will reimburse you with receipt).

Signup genius has the open jobs: 

The Access Code is pack287.  An Assistant CM is needed, as well as lots of other roles...and this would be a great chance to get up to speed with how Council works, etc.... for next year!

Upcoming Events

Corn Maze - October 18, 2014  (Amie Bailey,

We have arranged for a special group rate at the Corn Maze in Elkton.  If you have never been, it's a really fun time for the kids.  The maze is huge, and the kids will navigate the different routes of the maze with trivia questions and directions.  We will plan to meet at the Corn Maze at 2pm on October 18.  Advance purchase is required in order to receive the discounted rate of $7 per person.  All are invited to join, there are plenty of activities on site for all ages.  Please let Amie know if you are interested in going.

Sea World Sleepover - November 1, 2014 (Mike Tuckman)

Price per person is $100, includes park admission, tour, dinner and snacks.

Frog Jog Family Campout, November 21-23 at Camp Shands

It's family time at Camp Shands for the entire family!  There will be lots of activities for everyone to enjoy with archery, BB guns, games, sports, and lots more!!

Costs: $55 for 1 Cub Scout & 1 Adult Partner
           $25 for each additional adult or sibling
Children 4yrs and under are FREE
Fee covers all activities, meals, a patch, and insurance. (Except Friday night meal)

          ($45 per Scout and 1 Adult Partner / $20 per additional Adult/Sibling)

More information and sign up form:

Scout Days at Daytona Speedway - January 9-11, 2015  (Mark Stoner  904-610-4165)

Package price is $30PP before Dec 15.  More information to follow on sign-ups.

Each package includes:
• Two nights of camping in Daytona’s infield
• Friday night welcome party on pit road
• Fun activities during sports car testing
• $10 DAYTONA Dollars to use at any DIS concession stand
• Speedway tour
• Fishing on Lake Lloyd
• Scavenger hunt
• Collectible patch & more!

Past News and Events!!!

The First Pack Meeting for the year is planned for Friday, September 5th

7:00PM in the school's cafeteria

Please plan to arrive by 6:45PM

The US Forest Service is planning to visit us.


Uniform: Activity (T-Shirts)

The boys usually wear their Field Uniforms (Class A) for the pack meetings, but this time the boys can wear their Activity Uniforms (T-Shirts) if they have one.

Registrations and Dues

We'll be having our Sign-Up Night prior to the meeting, at 6:30PM for new boys.  This would be a great time to renew the pack dues for the Pack 287 veterans too!   We hope to have an online payment option set-up soon, and returning dus can be collected later too.

The committee has decided to hold the Pack Dues to the same level as last year....

$80.00 for Tigers through 1st year WEBELOS. 

$53.00 for the 2nd year WEBELOS since they are only with us around half a year

This covers national dues, and covers some of the pack expenses such as awards, Scout Handbooks, T-Shirt, snacks, and supplies.

Congratulations to our 2014 Religious Medals Recipients

On Sunday March 23rd, many of our Wolf, Bear, and WEBELOS Scouts were awarded their Religious medals from Bishop Estevez at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Augustine

Congratulations to the following boys:

Light of Christ

Peter, Nolan, Ryan L., Matthew T., Alex, Rhys, Griffin, and Michael

Parvuli Dei

Matthew W., Adam, Ben, Daniel, Devin, Hil, Christian, Ryan L., Zach, Seth, Connor

Click here, for imformation about wearing the medal and knot.

Pinewood Derby, March 9, 2014

We had some really great cars this year, and the race went off without a hitch!

Congratualtions to our winners!

Tiger Den

  1. Elijah E. - Birdie
  2. Diego Y. - Fire
  3. Kenneth H - Speed Racer

Wolf Den

  1. Michael M. - Hornet
  2. Alex M. - American Eagle
  3. Matthew T. - Rover

Bear Den

  1. Harrison B. - Metalic Ocean
  2. Ben W. - The Gatormobile
  3. Daniel B. - Flaming Cobra


  1. Christopher T. - Camo
  2. Kaden S. - American Warrior
  3. Hunter W. - The Bullet

Pack Overall Champions

  1. Christopher T. - Camo
  2. Michael M. - Hornet
  3. Kaden S. - American Warrior

Most Original:

Hil M. - Knotty Bouy

Best In Show:

Jonah S. - Mario

Appologies to those of you with mispelled names and cars posted on the board for the race.

Race standings:

Overall Standings

Den Standings

Heat Results

Lane Statistics

Photos are up!

We all owe thanks to everyone who helped this race hapen.  Special thanks to Chris Dreher for chairing the Derby this year!

The River Bend District's Race is scheduled for March 22

Click here for the 2014 North Florida Council Rules

Kennedy Space Center

February 22-23, 2014

A bunch of us had a great time at the Kennedy Space Center sleepover.  Our guide was an Eagle Scout, and he kept us hoping to late in the night.  I'm convinced it was by design, so that we would be plenty tired and ready to sleep on that floor!

After un-loading and some introductions, we had a visit form a veteran astronaut who actually flew the Atlantis in orbit as Commander.  He was also a veteran fighter pilot, rescue helicopter pilot, and test pilot in the US Air Force.  Before all of that, he was a Life Scout, and had some stories to share about that.  The boys had a good opportunity for questions.

Our guide took us on an after hours private tour, we took a ride in the Shuttle Launch Experience, museum scavenger hunt, and much more!

Our bed room was under the Space Shuttle Atlantis, veteran of over 306 days in space and 4,848 orbits around Earth!  Quite an experience for sure.  Some of us slept like a rock, others had just a hard time..... but it was all fun!

Our wakeup crew included an actual Rocket Scientist...... an Aerospace Engineer who is working on the design of our next rocket, the one that will take us to Mars.  He also irks on the team to launch rockets into space!

Pack 287's Blue and Gold Banquet February 2, 2014

We had a really great turn out for our Blue and Gold Banquet this year.

We celebrated Scout Sunday, the "birthday" of the pack, and the anniversary of scouting all together by celebrating the advancement of our WEBELOS 2 den as they were awarded the Arrow of Light that they worked so hard to achieve.  We had some good food and good times together. Then they crossed over the bridge to their chosen troops. 

See our photo page for a few pictures of the day.

University of Scouting - January 25, 2014

Several of the pack leaders and a few of our WEBELOS attended the 2014 University of Scouting.  This was a great opportunity, and will certainly help us bring a better program to the boys!

Disney's Fort Wilderness! - November 8-10, 2013

We had great weather for our Camp at Fort Wilderness.  It was great friends and good times!
Please send any photos you took that you'd like to share.

We have a new Cubmaster for 2013-2014!

Please Join me in saying welcome back Mr. Bush!  
For those of you that don't know him, Jim Bush lead Pack 287 as Cubmaster for a number of very fun and successful years.  He is very well qualified with a rich scouting background, and we are lucky to have him.  His youngest son is in the Bear Den this year, and he is active in his older son's Boy Scout Troop.  Let's all welcome Mr. Bush back, and do what we can to support him.

Round-Up, August 20, 2013

Welcome, to all of the new Cub Scouts and families that joined at Round Up!

We had a great turn out, with 12 Cub Scouts joining Pack 287.   We have 5 new Tigers, and also new Wolf, Bear, and WEBELOS cubs.   

We are looking forward to a great year!

Religious Medals Ceremony, March 2013

Many of our Wolf, Bear, and WEBLOS received their hard earned Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei medals from Bishop Estevez.  The special awards ceremony was for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts throughout the diocese.  It was something for the boys to remember!

Light of Christ Medal

The purpose is to help the Cub Scout develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  With the parents' active assistance and participation in this program, it is hoped that the Cub will come to see Jesus as a real person and his friend.

Parvuli Dei Medal

The purpose of the Parvuli Dei (Children of God) emblem is to help young boys explore a wide range of activities in order to discover the presense of God in their daily lives as members of their families and parishes, and also to develop a good, positive self-image through the contributions they can make to the group or community.

Pine Wood Derby - Sunday Feb 2013

We had a great race on Sunday!
After a few last minute modifications at the repair table, we got all the racers lined up on the starting pins for a great run.

We did have a few yellow flag moments with cars on the tracks, and one black flag flown when the starting gate flew apart.  Luckily, scouts are always prepared and we had the green flag flying in short order.

We had some really creative designs this year!

Photos are up!

The 2013 Pack 287 Race Champions!

Tiger Den:

  1. Matthew - Obsidian
  2. Nolan - Blue Poison
  3. Alex - Cobra

Bear Den:

  1. Christopher - Flame Thrower
  2. Aden - Golden Warrior
  3. Ethan - Flames of Fury

Wolf Den:

  1. Ben - Red Razor
  2. Matthew - Green Destroyer
  3. Zach - Supersonic


  1. Ryan - Wolverine
  2. Sebastian - Dreadstorm Wyvern
  3. Holden - Igabudaboo

Grand Champions:

  1. Christopher - Obsidian
  2. Nolan - Blue Poison
  3. Ethan - Flames of Fury

Best In Show:

Colton - sk8er

Best Use of Accesories:

Reagan - Nuk

USS Yorktown and Patriot's Point Naval and Maritime Museum 
January 2013

We had fantastic weather for a great weekend in Charleston. We had 71 total on the trip.... a great mix of scouts and their families.  We were the second largest group of campers in the 510 total campers on board.

Tours included the USS Yorktown CV-10, the USS Laffey, and the submarine USS Clamagmore....all WW2 era warships.  We also visited Fort Sumter where the scouts participated in a very nice flag raising ceremony, led by National Park Service Rangers.

As an added bonus, several of our recently graduated WEBLOS2 den were able to work on their first merit badges.

Blue and Gold Banquet - January 2013

We had quite a celebration on Sunday.  Our Wolf den performed the opening flag ceremony.  Italian food was catered from Brucci's, and everyone enjoyed an exciting performance by the Exhibition Team from Pak's Karate.

.... and perhaps the highlight of the afternoon....

Our WEBLOS 2 Cubs were awarded their Arrow of Light Awards - the highest achievement in Cub Scouts. Several of them crossed over into their chosen Boy Scout Troops, by crossing over a rope bridge.

Congratulations Boys, and Good Luck from everyone in Pack 287!

click here for a few photos of the big day

Winter Wonderland Party - St Augustine Amphitheater - December 2012

Our December pack meeting was held at the Winter Wonderland in Saint Augustine.  Several boys were awarded their achievements, and everyone had an opportunity to enjoy a taste of winter here in Florida, with Ice Skating and other fun actiities.

Jekyll Island Campout - Nov 30 - Dec 2

We had a fantastic trip to the Golden Isles of Georgia.  The weather was perfect for camping at Jekyll!

We had a very nice tour of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and were introduced to several of their patients.  The boys learned about the various types of turtles, saw several types, and asked some great questions.  The highlight of the tour for some boys, was the video game set-up in the museum (think Frogger, but with a Turtle).

Some parents enjoyed watching the game in RV City Saturday night.  Many tried their luck at the fishing pier, and we heard of at least one mom that out fished the dads and scouts!  The campground was a great place for the kids to ride bikes and run around.

Thanks to Cyndee and all that helped pull together a great weekend!

Thankgiving Baskets

Food was overflowing from each basket that the dens put together.  Donated turkeys finished off the feast for some needy families in our community.

November Pack Meeting was held November 7

Our November pack meeting had a great turn out, especially considering that we had so much re-scheduling for conflicting events and the weather cancelation.  

We discussed the Thanksgiving Basket project.  The scouts have decided that Popcorn should indeed be included in any Thanksgiving feast.  Based on very loud demand, our very own Cubmaster will be providing popcorn in each basket!

We also covered the upcoming Jekyll Island trip, the USS Yorktown trip, and our upcoming December pack meeting. 

Spook O Ree 2012

We had 12 families join the Osceola District's Spook O Ree at Camp Shands, October 12-14.  Everyone enjoyed a break in the heat and the nice weather. 

The highlight was a Haunted Trail.  A Boy Scout troop worked all day to set up a haunted trail that scared many.  Fortunately, we didn't hear of any nightmares later, after lights out!

The scouts enjoyed opportunities to work on some of the requirements for several Belt Loops - Astronomy taught by a college professor, Map And Compass, Ultimate Frisbee, BB Shooting, Archery, and Basketball.  Also, a former Cub Scout from South Africa was camping with his son.  The boys learned about Scouting in South Africa, and checked off requirements for the Language and Culture belt loop!

Our WEBLOS had the opportunity to work on several of the Arrow of Light requirements, while our younger cubs were working on some fun crafts.

As an added surprise, we attended a United States flag retirement ceremony, and saluted the flag that flew over a Saint Johns County Fire Station.

By attending the event, the boys met one of the requirements for the Outdoor Activity Award or pin.

First Pack Meeting for the 2012 - 2013 Year
Fri Sep 7, 6:45 SJDR Cafeteria

Pack 287 will be having our first meeting for the new scout year and we are hoping you will come on out.

At our meeting we will be 

  • Going over our exciting upcoming camping trips!
  • Getting to know our new scouts and our new Tiger Den!
    • (the only fundraiser our pack ever has to do!)
Meeting Mr Popcorn and learning about our Show and Sale and Popcorn Sales
  • Eating hot dogs barbequed by our own Boy Scout Troop 287!

With its motto of “Do Your Best,” the Cub Scouts experience is designed to help boys build character and good citizenship through fun-filled, age appropriate activities. San Juan Del Rio's Pack 287 is a family centered program for boys in the 1st through 5th Grades.

We are chartered by San Juan Del Rio Catholic Church in Switzerland, FL and are members of the River Bend District of the North Florida Council, Boy Scouts of America. While most of the boys attend San Juan Del Rio Catholic School or are members of our parish, we welcome other kids in the area who are interested in joining the Cub Scouts.

Facebook Group!

Pack 287 now has a Facebook Group!  Join the group to be notifed of upcoming events, news, etc!

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